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Great Photography & amazing deals

Capturing your festive moments in Ultra High Definition

Every second that goes by takes away with itself a precious moment of life, a memory that is cherish able, a tear that is valuable, a laugh that is unforgettable. We at Asad Farooq Photography, capture the special moment from the precious occasions of your life. We specialize in capturing gorgeous photos with an artistic touch for weddings, graduation parties and other special life events.

While you’re busy enjoying your special occasion, we take the responsibility and pleasure of securing your priceless moments. We do our homework from the moment you decide to book with us regarding your likes, dislikes and values, on what you cherish and who is most dear to you. So that years down the line when you look at your pictures, you’ll have all your most loved memories secured for a lifetime.

We specialize in capturing all aspects of your wedding, from the bride and groom’s dress, makeup and accessories, to the décor of your function and all the details of your family.

Our expertise reflects the most in couple portraiture; we capture the bond that you share on film in an hour and a half long session in either our studio or at your own premises or a venue of your choice.

Being the most important occasion of your life everyone focuses on the wedding itself and may miss out on the importance of the most exciting moments which are right before the ceremony.

We capture the anxiety, the excitement and the love that you share just before the great moment. Our Art and Design Director guide you and create an ambience to craft unique photographs of each unique couple.

At your event, our photographers make sure that each and every person including your family, friends and relatives is covered in our pictures. We have planned onstage photographic sessions of the bride and groom with their dear ones.

We offer our expert services in a very professional and friendly environment. Our pleasure and satisfaction is rooted in your enthusiastic reaction and appreciation of your new photos. Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority and we hope to have the privilege of serving you soon.

We are there at your event to cover the candid moments of your celebrations. Especially the most important one, the moment of “I Do“.