Changing trends of wedding photography and cinematic videography in Pakistan

In todays fast changing world trends change by the hour tantalizing our craving for ‘new’ and ‘more’. Todays fast paced lifestyles and endless exposure to social media has made us used to constant change, we get bored with the old too quickly, always looking out for something new and different. This has however benefited the artists who get a chance to produce more with their ever-budding imagination. These innovations have also lead to a great change in wedding photography.

Professional wedding photographers are coming up with innovative ideas to meet each clients’ need. A variety of executions are concocted keeping the diverse taste of couples in mind, where some may want the traditional while others would chose to differ. No matter what your choice of photography be, the truth is that the new trend wedding photography is here to stay.

Why?? Because …

Standing out from rest of the crowd

As humans we all have our unique personalities, our own preferences of taste in food and clothes, movies and music, colors and styles. So if all of us are created so uniquely, we have our own taste in photography as well especially when it comes to our own wedding photography.

Some may like traditional form of photography while others go for the fine art type and since the change of technology has opened up new doorways to modern photography techniques and have made it possible to capture beautiful yet dreamy pictures, like straight out of the movies, more and more people are opting to experiment with these techniques and trends to look as unique as they can.

Be it the bride’s wedding dress or makeup, the groom’s sherwani or color of the suit, the décor of wedding hall or the entrance on mehandi, we all want to stand out and do it differently from others to make it unique and become a trend setter. Then why not wedding photography.

Not just because everyone else is doing the same, should you do the same. Who wants to have the identical wedding shoot as their friends, be in the same fields and have the same poses repeated over and over again. Agreed, there is nothing wrong with the same fields as it creates a very pacifying scenery but isn’t that something that all of us have seen over and over again all these years… what’s new? Same picture with different faces?

No two shoots should be identical, each couple is unique so should their pictures be.

All said but not so easily done. This shape shift in trends leaves a huge responsibility on the hands of the photographer, they need to master new skills frequently and adapt to latest equipment. Learn new ways of effective lighting and experiment with new environments.

We all know that ‘Bokeh’ or ‘Blur’ effect is in but, so is creative lighting system as the effect it creates on a picture makes it fit for any magazine cover and that is what most of us want; pictures, fit for magazine covers and to hear that “wow what a picture” from our friends and family not just that ‘wow’ these pictures are a memorandum of the most precious events of our lives.

Now a days wedding photography is serious money, and people want to spend that money for that unique wow picture that ll make them look like models straight out of some Bollywood picture.

Colors are in

Compared to previous times colorful pictures are in, photographers now pick a palette to create the mood of the pictures. These colors set the storyline for that day.

Candid Story Telling

Compared to set and predefined poses, fun and on the go shots have taken a toll. Wedding photography was previously restricted to studio shots where the couple posed in a typical manner (there were fixed 7 to 10 poses which each wedding album had) either in the studio or at home or venue. There were preset drawing room type backgrounds which differed slightly from photographer to photographer this however has been completely replaced by candid real life shots. The photographer makes the effort of capturing the fun filled moments from your events and saving them as a memorandum

Postproduction edits

The clicking might be over but the game has just begun.

Yes! The job of a photographer doesn’t get done even when the photographs are taken. Post production editing is a big part of todays photography. The dream like pictures where the client wants to look either like a fairytale princess or a flawless fashion icon are not possible without a few airbrushing strokes and digital make over. Not only the skin is made to look flawless but the features are also enhanced by digital contouring and highlighting. This however is only one part of the post edits.

A lot of work is also done on enhancing colors, creating drama with light and setting the tones. Some photographs are made to look nostalgic by using sepia tones while others are made brighter and fresher.

The new face of wedding videos

The complete rotation of trends is obviously not restricted to photography it has spread its wings right into wedding videography as well, which has touched new skies as well.

One camera video is out now; Ariel shots through drones and capturing details has become a norm. the wedding videos today are a complete storytelling project, no less than a well prepared film.

Impact of social media

To wrap it up we must give the entire credit to today’s social media and people’s adaptability to change with the changing trends and fashions along with the technology the photographers use to bring moments to life, which gave birth to the new school approach to wedding photography and videography.

It not only opened competition for couples choosing to be unique, it also opened huge avenues of learning for photographers.

Not to forget the huge advancement in technology. The new cameras with spectacular features have enabled photographers to experiment and achieve more, which has made wedding photography a big and important investment for the couples.

Love in the eyes…


Traditional yet modernistic fit for a magazine cover


The effects of post production


Modernistic approach to yet a very traditional groom portrait